(((A surprise is waiting in each call!!)))

To begin with, "A Blind Call" is so effective in blinding the call until the last millisecond that it has been rejected 3 times by Apple!!! The reviewers thought that "A Blind Call" is using an undocumented function ?!! from here let's move to description:

  • Are U bored?
  • Are U shy to call friends?
  • Are U lazy?
  • Do U have a lot of friends?
  • Do U want suspense in each and every call?
  • If the answer is yes to one or more of these questions, 'A Blind Call' is the app U're looking for.
  • The only thing you need to do is shaking your phone.
  • 'A Blind Call' will randomly choose a friend for U and place a call.
  • U don't know who you will be talking to until his phone rings!!
  • And 'A Blind Call' advanced monitoring system will make sure U want call the same friend twice in a single day :)
  • Plus you can choose the group of friends to call and 'A Blind Call' will pick one of this group.

Why you want to use"A Blind Call":
  •      You are lazy in calling someone.
  •     You are bored and you want to talk to someone.
  •      You are shy of calling friends.
  •     You have a lot of friends and don't know who to begin with.
  •      You want suspense in each and every call !!

Special Features:
  • Easy Shake-to-Call feature.
  • Randomly select your friends to call.
  • You don't know who you will be talking to.
  • Advanced monitoring system.
  • Ability to select from a group of people.

Quick Start-up:
  1. Tap on the screen
  2. Choose the group of people to call from or "All Contacts".
  3. Shack your iPhone!!
  4. Surprise yourself :)

N.B: I was victim of "A Blind Call" myself several times during the development stage as I was busy and I didn't want to talk :)